Ghyczy in Short

GHYCZY is a family heirloom, founded in 1972 by acclaimed architect and designer Peter Ghyczy whose prolific career has pioneered techniques of furniture making that have influenced the design industry for 45 years. His son Felix Ghyczy joined the practice in 2001 and today the father and son duo continue to build on the GHYCZY heritage from their family atelier nestled in the flatlands of Swalmen, the Netherlands. Today, GHYCZY, still remains a luxury brand for design lovers. Timeless design, meticulously sourced materials and handmade by a select group of bespoke artisans. Resulting in a collection of furniture that is a culmination of technical mastery, conventional luxury and to be enjoyed comfortably. Over the past 50 years the GHYCZY collection has grown organically from Peter Ghyczy’s relentless creativity and innovative spirit. His designs are constantly evolving, but the entire collection is united by the trademarked casting and clamping techniques of solid material that he personally developed. These groundbreaking methods not only paved the way for new modernist design expressions, it also allowed for minimal use of material. Inspired by his travels and migration, the distinct GHYCZY aesthetic captures Peter Ghyczy’ unique cultural heritage and his eclectic, elegant eye.

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Our Philosophy

Every GHYCZY design is inspired by its purpose. Technical solutions are applied in new and innovative ways. Crafted from premium materials that age gracefully, GHYCZY designs are made to last a lifetime and to be passed on from generation to generation. Our designs might be imitated, but never replicated; collectable but intended to be used and enjoyed – all day, every day.

“The right knowledge of proportions and constructions, solid craftsmanship and independence of mind are the conditions to create productions of lasting value” Peter Ghyczy


At GHYCZY, craftsmanship is paramount to what we do. Every single product is handmade by our highly skilled artisans, who take enormous pride in their work. From hand-poured casts and aged wood entirely hand-polished, to sanding and wood staining by hand, every part of the GHYCZY design process has a human touch. Signed by the craftsman who made it, numbered, and finally registered to its owner, who can always trace it back to the original maker. A passion for handcrafted excellence is what makes GHYCZY unlike any other furniture company in the world.

Material / Sustainability

Made with only the highest quality materials by local producers, GHYCZY designs are made to outlive generations. We craft premium quality and use as little raw material as possible, ensuring minimal waste. Using our trademark techniques for working with glass, solid wood and cast metal, GHYCZY has redefined the design ageing process; our products only increase in value and appeal over time. Peter philosophy In times of mass production and trends, where everything looks alike, he designs and fabricates products of lasting value. The search of valid, technically perfect and timeless forms excludes trendy designs. In this way he creates an elegant and characteristic collection, remaining unchanged over the years. The lasting value is also guaranteed by the use of high quality materials like brass, aluminium, wood and stainless steel in combination with glass, wood and fabric.