History of Ghyczy

On the 1st of December in 1940 our founder Peter Ghyczy was born in Budapest.
Due to the Hungarian revolution young Peter and his family flee to Bonn in Germany.
Peter finishes his architecture studies from the RWTH in Aachen and is employed by Reuter (Germany). Reuter has the patent for a worldwide new material: polyurethane. Peter Ghyczy becomes head of the design department and designs hundreds products for many international companies. His most known design of that periode is his legendary ‘Garden egg chair’. This is the first furniture in history made out of polyurethane.
Reuter opens the iconic design center designed by young architect Peter Ghyczy. Based on Peter’s idea to use the new material Polyurethane as building material, resulting in spectecular light ambiance inside the building and creates a positive workspace. In these years Peter creates designs for several international furniture brands, including Vitra in Weil am Rhein.
Peter Ghyczy invents the clamping technique and changes the world. He has inspired many designers, including Ikea, with his constructional solution, in which the glass plate becomes part of the construction of the table. Elegant and airy yet strong and reliable. In time Peter Ghyczy has designed numerous variations of the “clamp”.
Peter Ghyczy founds his own design firm ‘GHYCZY + Co Design Selection’ in Viersen (Germany) and launches his first eclectic and avant garde furniture collection, which includes designs in casted aluminium, metal and glass. Peter Ghyczy was influenced by the Club of Rome. His philosophy is to create products that are not designed to be thrown away. Therefor the design needs to stand out of the grey mass and needs to have the strength to always fit an interior also when trends change.
Peter Ghyczy and his company moves to The Netherlands. His youngest son Felix is born. In this year Peter Ghyczy designs the new logo, consisting of four “G’s”. Each shape symbolizes one of Peter’s children. In 1974 Peter also designs one of his best-selling pieces the table model T14 and registers copyright for this table. The T14 becomes one of his signature pieces.
In this year Peter designs the iconic chair S02. This chair has a flexible backrest, that adjusts to the movement of its user. The chair has since then been part of several exhibitions like in 2018 in the ADAM design museum in Brussel (Belgium) and in 2019 at the Design Biennale in Venice (Italy)
The Garden egg chair celebrates its 30th birthday. A re-edition is launched during the IMM (international Furniture Fair) Cologne, Germany in 1999.
Opening design center and showroom Swalmen, Netherlands. Design by Peter Ghyczy with a forward thinking, and sustainable concept. A modern building in the a bauhaus style. The building is airy, has heigh ceilings and lets a lot of light in. The atelier can be used for many purposes like, office, showroom, events and is great for photoshoots. An ingenious ventilation and heating systems makes this building future proof.
April 2001
Felix Ghyczy the son of founder Peter Ghyczy joins the company.
December 2001
Publication of the Ghyczy Selection 20th century retrospective catalog.
June 2002
Peter Ghyczy after work at home.
September 2005
Implementation of 21th century proof ERP system. An advanced computer system build for growth.
February 2006
Introducing a state of the art online ordering system, the client use it to calculate retail prices of custom made products.
June 2006
Exhibition Stylepark, Frankfurt, Germany. Introducing conceptual lighting collection.
January 2007
Exhibition at International Furniture Fair IMM, Cologne, Germany. Art directed by Felix Ghyczy
December 2007
A new chapter starts in the history of company Ghyczy Selection. Felix Ghyczy becomes CEO of the company and formulates a vision to make the brand a global high end interior products brand for cosmopolitain and sophisticated clients, while caring for the environment.
February 2008
Change of the brand name into GHYCZY. A new sales catalogue is launched and a new sales team is hired for the introduction and acquisition of new international clients.
June 2008
The 40th birthday of the Garden egg Chair is celebrated in the garden of the GHYCZY estate.
December 2009
Felix Ghyczy works as an art director with Edward van Vliet to create the first steps for a new brand image and a brand catalogue. The brochure launched in 2010.
March 2010
Book publication “Peter Ghyczy The Evolutioner” by DuMont under supervision of Felix Ghyczy
April 2010
Hiring of extra sales force for the Netherlands and Belgium.
October 2010
Selected with the best graduated design students of 2010 of the Netherlands and hosted an international event in the atelier. Among them: Teun Fleskens Sjoerd Vroonland Caroline Wilcke
June 2011
Felix Ghyczy starts a program to make the company more efficient by implementing the Kaizen philosophy and optimizes the GHYCZY atelier.
October 2011
Exhibition at Dutch Design Week DDW. Conceptual exhibition to explain the GHYCZY sustainable philosophy.
December 2011
Felix Ghyczy becomes the owner of GHYCZY.
Brand presentation during Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy. Marketing by
October 2014
Brand presentation during Interieur, Kortrijk, Belgium.
January 2015
Exhibition at IMM
April 2015
Felix Ghyczy creates collection for next generation developments of new colors and tactile.
Feburary 2016
In collaboration with the studio Matte and Felix Ghyczy strategy and developed of a new brand identity, catalogue, website and brand book.
May 2016
Opening branded showroom Hamburg, Germany.
August 2016
Development of signature piece Rachel, design by Felix Ghyczy.
September 2016
Collaboration with BMW during the 100th anniversary exhibition in the BMW brandstore, Brussel, Belgium.
September 2016
Collaboration with John Boyd for presentation of their new collection, London, UK.
September 2016
Testing furniture collection for Nina Campbell London, UK.
Introduction of signature piece Rachel during art fair BRAFA, Brussel, Belgium.
Behind the scene shoot of catalogue 2017.
Opening GHYCZY showroom Singapore.
Interior shoot
Peter Ghyczy explains the ergonomic safari chair Audrey.
Photoshoot for Vogue Living, NL.
Felix gives talk in Singapore.
Felix Ghyczy envisions and develops a new collection for 2018 with new colors and finishes.
Press event for launch new GHYCZY collection hosted by BMW.
Shoot collection 2018
Shoot for family story in Salon.
Start of collaboration with Camron PR and Felix Ghyczy for the international role-out of the brand. Many publications follow.
September 2017
Collaboration with Roelfien Vos and Kate Hume during “Salon Residence”, Singer Museum Laren, Netherlands.
September 2017
Collaboration with LE carpets during Uptown design event, Brussels, Belgium.
October 2017
Peter Ghyczy designs at his estate.
October 2017
Press dinner for international press at the Sommerset house, London, UK.
October 2017
Preparation for the exhibition at Kunst Museen Krefeld. Peter and his wife Barbara.
November 2017
Collaboration with 15WestStudio Felix Ghyczy designs and develops the ‘sun rise mirror’ exclusively for Wallpaper Handmade
November 2017
Felix Ghyczy speaks about sustainability during a pecha kucha event, Brussels, Belgium.
February 2018
Retrospective exhibition on Peter Ghyczy in the ADAM museum Brussel, Belgium.
February 2018
Release presentation book “Collection Design_&” featuring Peter Ghyczy’s work by La Charte,, Brussel, Belgium.
Feburary 2018
Group exhibition Wallpaper handmade, Milano, Italy.
May 2018
Solo exhibition of the early work of Peter Ghyczy at Kunst Museen Krefeld, Germany
May 2018
Group exhibition Wallpaper handmade, Singapore.
June 2018
Joint studies by Peter Ghyczy.
October 2018
Group exhibition at IIDE, Brussels, Belgium.
December 2018
Interior for Chopard Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 2019
Collaboration with DEDAR during Salone del Mobile to present new fabric collection, Milan, Italy.
May 2019
Collaboration with David Tomaszewski and designing his new showroom, and office Berlin, Germany.
May 2019
Exhibition during Design Biennale Venice. Presentation of the signature piece Jodie and Audrey.
September 2019
Visit V&A museum, London, UK.
September 2019
Exhibition hosted by Wallpaper magazine at XBANK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. XBANK hosts the magazine Wallpaper pop-up store.
November 2019
Opening GHYCZY showroom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
January 2020
GHYCZY designs the interior of the lobby of Parkhotel Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
May 2020
Collaboration with BestWool for their new collection, the Netherlands
August 2020
Crowdfunding investment to reach strategic goals.
October 2020
Setup international team of ambassadors in UK, France, Italy and UAE.
January 2021
Hiring marketing director.
February 2021
Introducing the GHYCZY signature collection.
April 2021
Opening GHYCZY showroom and office, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
June 2021
Collaboration with Solid Nature and GHYCZY, collection limited in numbers.
January 2022
50 years of GHYCZY Founded in 1972 by Peter Ghyczy with the vision to create a world where we live in harmony with nature. He believed that it is the responsibility of the designer and producers to make a product that is functional, and lasting. A product is truly sustainable when it lasts several life times. When designing his products had to meet these criteria. He was against trends, products that looked alike each other and products where not functional. His designs are now sought after by collectors and can be found in museums around the world.
Feburary 2022
Establishing the Felix Ghyczy Foundation, which holds all intellectual property rights of Felix Ghyczy and Peter Ghyczy as the GHYCZY brand and trademark. The foundation’s goal is based on Peter Ghyczy’s vision and philosophy.
March 2022
In Memoriam Peter Ghyczy. At the age of 81 our founder, visionaire and chief designer passed away. We will miss him. He has influenced generations.
March 2022
Collaboration with Lelievre for their new collection, Paris, France.
March 2022
Group Exhibition at Vitra Design Museum exhibition. The prototype algae based garden egg chair. Preview in German television:
April 2022