History of Ghyczy

On the 1st of December in 1940 our founder Peter Ghyczy was born in Budapest.
Due to the Hungarian revolution young Peter and his family flee to Bonn in Germany.
Peter finishes his architecture studies from the RWTH in Aachen and is employed by Reuter (Germany). Reuter has the patent for a worldwide new material: polyurethane. Peter Ghyczy becomes head of the design department and designs hundreds products for many international companies. His most known design of that periode is his legendary ‘Garden egg chair’. This is the first furniture in history made out of polyurethane.
Reuter opens the iconic design center designed by young architect Peter Ghyczy. Based on Peter’s idea to use the new material Polyurethane as building material, resulting in spectecular light ambiance inside the building and creates a positive workspace. In these years Peter creates designs for several international furniture brands, including Vitra in Weil am Rhein.
Peter Ghyczy invents the clamping technique and changes the world. He has inspired many designers, including Ikea, with his constructional solution, in which the glass plate becomes part of the construction of the table. Elegant and airy yet strong and reliable. In time Peter Ghyczy has designed numerous variations of the “clamp”.
Peter Ghyczy founds his own design firm ‘GHYCZY + Co Design Selection’ in Viersen (Germany) and launches his first eclectic and avant garde furniture collection, which includes designs in casted aluminium, metal and glass. Peter Ghyczy was influenced by the Club of Rome. His philosophy is to create products that are not designed to be thrown away. Therefor the design needs to stand out of the grey mass and needs to have the strength to always fit an interior also when trends change.
Peter Ghyczy and his company moves to The Netherlands. His youngest son Felix is born. In this year Peter Ghyczy designs the new logo, consisting of four “G’s”. Each shape symbolizes one of Peter’s children. In 1974 Peter also designs one of his best-selling pieces the table model T14 and registers copyright for this table. The T14 becomes one of his signature pieces.
In this year Peter designs the iconic chair S02. This chair has a flexible backrest, that adjusts to the movement of its user. The chair has since then been part of several exhibitions like in 2018 in the ADAM design museum in Brussel (Belgium) and in 2019 at the Design Biennale in Venice (Italy)
Peter Ghyczy designs his second Design Centre which houses his atelier and showroom. This landmark is located in the beautiful south of the Netherlands and is close to GHYCZY’s local craftsmen and suppliers.
Felix Ghyczy, Peters youngest son joins the company.
Felix Ghyczy becomes owner and CEO of GHYCZY. Peter Ghyczy now 74 is daily to be seen in his atelier working on new designs.
As an art director, Felix Ghyczy starts to rebrand GHYCZY. He is inspired by the heritage and Peter Ghyczy’s founding philosophy. His goal is to build a unique collection of collectible furniture which fits any interior and being the final touch. Inspired by designers like Josef Frank and his accidentism theory, Felix beliefs in creating eclectic and personal interiors by carefully curated objects of quality and character. He calls it emotional sustainable; Products which become part of your life. This is only possible if the product is design well and made out of quality materials with love in by craftsmen.
GHYCZY starts a selective distribution and to focus on working with the best interior designers of the world. Who are constantly searching for unique furniture with a heritage for their demanding clients. GHYCZY collaborates with them and provides them with a solutions.
GHYCZY opens showroom in Amsterdam located at the W Hotel in collaboration with hotel group Sircle and moves the office to Amsterdam.