Our Story

History of Ghyczy

GHYCZY was founded in 1972 by acclaimed architect and designer Peter Ghyczy. From the start Peter Ghyczy was passionate about timeless, sustainable design. Known today as emotionally sustainable design.

His products are created with great care and made to last. The natural materials GHYCZY uses are carefully sourced. Their surfaces are finished in a way that time will only enhance their beauty. All furniture is made by hand in the studio in the Netherlands.

Our Milestones

Today GHYCZY is still a small luxury boutique family-run company. In 2001 youngest son Felix Ghyczy joined the company and has been working side-by-side with his father to develop an iconic collection appealing to all generations.

In 2016 Felix Ghyczy became the owner of the company and his father could retire to focus on his passion, designing. Felix rebranded the company with a very strong vision of how his father’s designs should be presented and finished ensuring a contemporary feel, whether this be pieces from this year or iconic pieces from the 60’s, or in between. Always having been a very close-knit family with a passion for art and creativity, Felix shares his father’s passion for well-made objects, high-quality materials, craftsmanship and art, and certainly for sustainability. These combinations along with their international roots are prominently displayed in the products, creating something very unique, intangible with a strong personality.

“GHYCZY is about harmony,
every detail is designed
with a reason,
each object is
symmetrical and light
in its looks”

Peter Ghyczy

Felix Ghyczy was born in the Netherlands, 1974, father Hungarian and mother German, and as a true European married a Swedish woman, raising his two sons trilingual. International life is second nature making the brands identity very cosmopolitan..

With inspiration being drawn from all over the world by Felix GHYCZY and brought forward in the textiles, materials and design influences, travellers, globe-trotters that are unbound by borders and are used to diversity will be sure to recognize themselves in the GHYCZY pieces.. With all that being said it is worthwhile to note that Felix is proud of his Dutch roots in the Netherlands and believes in integrating local craftsmanship and production into his designs.