The Bruno Effect Magazine Article

GHYCZY official founder – Peter Ghyczy – had the incredible opportunity to speak to Effect Magazine about how his family-run company is redefining artisanal furniture design in The Netherlands.

This interview allowed for Peter himself to speak about how his designs “from the very beginning, have been defined by an elegant and timeless style that represents his singular vision of as a designer, as well as innovative construction techniques that are remarkable for both their inspired technical mastery and visual discreteness”. In effect, this interview highlighted the core visual motifs of the brand along with Peter’s commitment to designing and hand-crafting long-lasting products that age gracefully and constantly fight against our current throwaway and mass-production culture. Instead, every GHYCZY design aims to provide a durable product with high-quality materiality, an approach which is extremely relevant to today’s concerns around the longevity of the products we own and sustainability. Cast brass, steel and aluminum elements are polished by hand and solid timber is finished with natural oils, each process designed to enhance the individual character of each piece.