In Memoriam

Peter Ghyczy

Our founder and visionary Peter Ghyczy passed away on the 10th of March 2022. He was my father and a great inspiration for me and people that knew him. I feel lucky, and glad to have lived with him.

Peter Ghyczy is most known as the designer of the iconic Garden Egg chair (1968), one of the icons of the 60’s and part of many collections worldwide. In his early days as a designer he designed the first polyurethan collection for Vitra.

In 1972 he founded his own company GHYCZY and settled in the south of the Netherlands.

Peter Ghyczy was a pioneer in constructions and joins and loved archetypes and symmetrical designs. The frameless glass table T14, designed in 1973, became one of among others his biggest successes. The designs and construction have inspired many designers and became a standard for glass tables.

Peter Ghyczy designed all kinds of products from furniture to houses. His goal was to design aesthetic, elegant and harmonious pieces. He designed for cosmopolitans and art lovers.

He died at the age of 81 years and left behind a beautiful legacy that has inspired generations.

At GHYCZY we will look after his heritage and will continue to develop designs based on this philosophy and his endless archive of drawings and sketches.

Felix Ghyczy