Algae Egg Chair

In 1968 Elastogran GmbH (now BASF) invented a new kind of material that would revolutionize the world. Peter Ghyczy was commissioned to explore this at that time new material and show the world what you can do with it. The first product he designed was the now worldwide known Garden Egg Chair, which was the first chair made in polyurethan.

His son Felix Ghyczy closes the loop. He is fascinated by the new resource algae, which he believes could be a game changer. Algae is already explored and tested for many purposes but is neglected as substituted material for plastic. He envisions that algae can contribute to save our planet. His goal is funded the Felix Ghyczy Foundation, which funds projects that contribute to a world of amity.

Now 54 years later, he uses the garden egg chair again for this concept. The garden egg chair has to inspire the world and show what you can do with algae.

Felix collaborated with Eric Klarenbeek en Maartje Dros for this project.
After one year of testing and the worldwide first 3d printed chair made of algae is created.
The prototype is currently part of the Vitra Design Museum.