A close look at two of our iconic chairs: Jodie & Audrey

The story behind Jodie and Audrey

The Jodie is a dining room chair with a flexible backrest, the backrest adjusts to the movement of its user. Moreover the seat is curved which results in a pleasant, soft and comfortable seating experience. The backrest of the Audrey can also be adjusted to the preferences of its owner. Both chairs have a modern and minimalistic character, while no compromise has been made in terms of comfortability. The chairs were presented at the Design Biennale in Venice in 2019.

One of GHYCZY’s iconic pieces is the Jodie chair. It was designed in 1986 by Peter Ghyczy and up until today it is still one of our best-selling products. While designing this chair Peter Ghyczy’s goal was to create a chair that was efficient to produce and also was as elegant as possible. The frame of this chair is made from a continuous stainless-steel tube that is bent in a flowing line. It has the shape of a triangle, which makes it very stable. The upholstery is available in different fabrics, leathers and finishes.

The Audrey chair is a more recent addition to the family and has a minimalistic look. Peter Ghyczy designed this chair in 2017. The chair’s playful construction of solid wooden rods and metal tubing is made possible by a special screw joinery between wood and metal. No glue is used in the construction of the chair, making it a very stable design. Furthermore the chair consists out of two identical u-shaped tubes and as a result it is easy to produce the chair in series, without much waste.

chair brown front view

Peter Ghyczy is inspired by his aversion to throwaway culture. That is why both chairs are made to last. Each piece is handmade and consists out of high-quality materials. The product’s appeal increases over time through its usage, giving it a unique character. While developing the chairs we wanted them to be as stable and comfortable as possible.

We test a lot during the design process to ensure our standards are upheld. An example is that during the development of the Jodie chair we discovered that the optimal diameter of the tubes was 14 mm instead of the 12 mm, which the design specified. Our designs are emotionally sustainable: every product is timeless and will last for years. The comfortability of our products is important to us, because in your home you won’t replace a comfortable chair easily

To ensure that there is no waste in the design process, GHYCZY’s products are only made when an order comes in. Moreover the chairs are made in a way that the transport can be as efficient and sustainable as possible. The triangle shape of the Jodie chair ensures that the chair is stackable and thus multiple chairs will not use a lot of space. The same holds for the Audrey: it is delivered in a flat pack, that takes up the same amount of space as a pizza box.

In short, both chairs have an elegant look, but are very stable and more importantly very comfortable.

AUDREY S12 Charcoal Frame Walnut White Fabric back side